I am an Addiction Specialist, an Author, Speaker, TV, Radio and Social Media personality, and respected pioneer in Addiction Consulting. I deliver life-changing material and personal expertise to shift clients towards a more fulfilling future.

Through gaining personal empirical knowledge, I incorporate this experience along with research, training, and vocation in guiding those afflicted by trauma and addiction. The complexity of human behavior requires a non-prescriptive approach; I transform people's lives through mentally disbanding the cause of their pain.

As a proponent of breaking free from 'the madness', I have successfully liberated numerous individuals from 'hell' so that they can lead fruitful and inspiring lives. My creation, The 'Buxy Recovery Process', will liberate thousands of people from their burdens.

I am a recovered addict, an abuse victim, and above all a survivor. I talk candidly about my experiences to help others liberate themselves from the attachments to any addiction- food, drugs, sex, technology and more. My approach incorporates modalities that identify the subconscious reasons for the undesired behaviour, which reveals the path to healing and brings hope for a better future.

My shows include Saf Talks, MensTalk -a Feel Good Factor TV show on SKY Showcase 192, and a show on Spirituality Gone Wild. I have also co-founded Non-Profit Charities, which has earned me the following awards:

Global Humanitarian Award
Global Change Maker (LOANI & World Leaders Association)

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award (Award of Honor)

Breakthrough International Bible University
An honorary Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters

Black Blazer Award
"Gold Men's Award for leadership, excellence and achievement"

Worldwide Leaders Association & LOANI
"An agent of change recognition"

Institute of Global Professionals
"Certificate of Appreciation"

Prof Amb. AbdullGhani Yahya Al-ebarh
"Peace Medal"

My new book, Out of the Madness: A Message of Hope has been published in March 2021. This autobiography is written to help others wake up out of their unhealthy habits to see their gifts.

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