TV Show - Feel Good Factor TV - Sky Showcase 191

I present the new weekend morning show call Feel Good Factor TV. As well as appearing and featuring on a lot of other shows over the last few years.

Featured in/on

Feel Good Factor TV

SKY Showcase ch 192
Lead Host and presenter for "Men's Talk".

Takbeer TV

SKY TV Ch 749
Lead Host for Road to Redemption

Maidstone Radio

Presenter  and founder of Saf's Surgery

Dublin 103.2 Fm

I featured on Dublin 103.2 Fm as a speaker

Koral Desk

I featured on Koral Desk on "How to dominate the decade".

Prodigy Bureau

Prodigy Bureau (Embracing Advocacy)

Mindset Mastery Revolution

Mindset Mastery Revolution was another show I featured on titled Relationship Talk.


I was asked to attend as a guest for Ladies of all nations on their We Are The Change show.

Club Soda

I appeared as a guest for Club Soda.

Rainbow Connection

I appeared on Rainbow Connection.

Sobriety Films

I was asked to appear on Sobriety Films  for a piece on How I got Sober.

Powerhouse Global Magazine

I featured in Powerhouse Global Magazine for their Rebirth Issue;

Featured in/on
Tania Simmons Show

I featured on the Tania Simmons Show

World Women Conference & Awards

World Women Conference & Awards. Powertalk as the expert - Breast cancer awareness and Domestic Violence.

Global Virtual Retreat

Global Virtual Retreat. Discover Your Inner Healing.

World Transformation Day

I attened the World Transformation Day as a speaker.

That's Your Opinion

I appeared on the, That's Your Opinion Podcast.


Mission: I'm Possible Podcast by MJ Tolan

It was an Accident

I appeared in the "It was an Accident" Feature Film  back in 2000.

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