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I act as a motivational speaker, a mentor and as someone who understands how to rebuild a life, even if you think there's no way back. 

I find that it helps enormously to talk about my trauma, mental health & addiction and subsequent recovery and my philosophy is that if I can spare even one person from going down the path I did, then everything I do will be worth it.

I talk on several networks from Spirituality Gone Wild to Support for Global Peace Tribe. I also have my own Saf Buxy YouTube channel.

Universal Recovery

Serenity Sam & Serenity Saf

An inspiring, funny and touching weekly show live on FB and Youtube every Tuesday at 6pm(UK) about recovery from addiction hosted by Serenity Sam and Serenity Saf where they share their opinions and stories embracing differing perspectives, pathways to recovery and healing.
Serenity Sam is a practicing Positivitist, Law Of Attraction Teacher, Speaker, Artist and Musician. Serenity Saf is an award winning radio presenter, host on Sky TV, Social Behavioural Consultant and Addiction Specialist.

Spirituality Gone Wild

Singer-Songwriter Kym Mazelle

I recently caught up with the legend of soul, singer-songwriter Kym Mazelle. Both Kym and I are involved in a brand new TV series coming out on Sky 192 on the 7th November 2020, titled; Feel Good Factor TV. 

Spirituality Gone Wild

Saf Buxy welcomes Dominique Hatcher

Dominique is a 10-year Veteran of the U.S. military and Intelligence community with a focus on cyber threat intelligence, cyber-security, human analysis, language interpretation, and threat prediction.

Support for the Global Peace Tribe

Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas on managing shame, while being interviewed by Saf Buxy in England

Speak Up and Empower

Jody Paar

Real Talk Tragedy to Triumph @ Speak Up and Empower with Saf Buxy and Guest Jody Paar

Spirituality Gone Wild

Dr John Demartini

Saf and the world-renowned specialist in human behaviour, a researcher, author and global educator, Dr John Demartini ("The Secret") talk about 'The Demartini Method' and how it is the most powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation.

Speak Up and Empower

Loani Interviews me

Saf Buxy Interviewed by Loani - Mental Health Week

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